P.E.R. carefully controls canvas production in every phase. From the purchase of the yarn, P.E.R. selects the right quality and thread count for each kind of canvas to be produced. Nowadays the company offers the widest range of painting and restoring canvases available on the Italian market.
Canvases are in cotton, polyester cotton, jute, linen and mixed linen.




Their weaving, which is an important and crucial phase for a perfect result, is constantly controlled and is carried out by qualified textile companies, according to our specific directions. The final characteristics of elasticity, resistance, heaviness, absorbency and grain depend on the quality and quantity of the warp and weft threads, which are the structure of every canvas. All articles are studied to satisfy any type of request.




The following phases are all directly carried out at our new plant in Ospedaletto, which has been equipped with the proper technologies to produce primed canvases following the tradition and always respecting the ideal priming rules.





The preparation of the coatings is made according to ancient recipes which are constantly updated. The production of itemis realizedin accordance with the many different final purposes.





Our canvases are available with the following priming:

* oil priming, suitable for oil and extra-fine colour painting;
* gesso priming, very absorbent, suitable for every pictorial technique;
*universal priming, medium absorbent, suitable for oil, acrylic and tempera colours;
* clear-sized, ready to be primed by artists



Machineriess give the possibility to carefully control each production phase, granting anyway the opportunity to give the right finishing with the hand intervention of skilled workers well experienced in the field of canvas priming.









P.E.R.’s beating heart is of course the carpentry, a light busy large place where wood is the only protagonist. Several times a month, large quantities of wood arrive at our factory directly from the saw-mills of certified European forests.




After being selected and prepared with high technology machinery for the further processing, wood is given to our skilled technicians. With the utmost care which is our characteristic, these artisans transform the wood in order to create our items, dedicated to those who love art and beautiful things.





Our company uses only red fir wood, dried for a long time at the right degree of humidity, to grant an optimal stability to the finished product.
The carpentry is the “birthplace” of many of our items: stretcher strips, bars, stretchers in kit and every stretcher on which our canvases are set.





Stretcher strips and stretcher bars cut to measure with joint are sold separately, while, on request, they could also be provided in long bars. Wedges, or stretcher keys, are in hard wood and sold separately. It is also possible to supply outsize stretchers in kits containing all the parts of the stretcher that the artist can easily assemble in a few minutes.





It is possible to choose a wide range of sections in order to satisfy every kind of request. Stretcher strips and crossbars cut to measure or in long bars (on request) are available in different sections from 43x18mm to 100x43mm. For further info, check out our product’s page or contact us.